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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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regular calendar. you are set to build a closed session at this time. we have not received any indication that a member of the public wishes to address you on items set for discussion in closed session, but we will give them an opportunity to do so now. director director ford: ok, we are back in open session. let's have our report out on the closed session. >> as to item 3.1, negotiation in terms of payment for tjpa's property interest, the board unanimously authorized the executive director to execute an amendment to the february 11, 2010 agreement providing for compensation of up to an additional $194,000 in
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allocation expenses, for a total compensation of eligible relocation expenses in an amount not to exceed $435,435, and compensation of additional $10,500 in settlement of claims relating to goodwill loss in the amount of $341,000. further, that the tjpa shall not provide additional compensation under the amendment of the agreement unless the business provides sufficient documentation to indicate satisfaction of eligible claims satisfaction. as to item 3.2, payment for tjpa's acquisition of property interests, the board unanimously authorizes the executive director to execute a purchase and sale agreement for
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$1,250,000, conditioned on san mateo county transportation authority approval of funding. as to item 3.3, in terms of payment for tjpa's acquisition of property interest, the board unanimously authorizes the executive director to execute purchase and sale agreement for 850,000 [inaudible] conditioned on approval of funding for the acquisition. as to item 3.4, terms of the exclusive negotiating agreement and in terms of payment for purchase of the property from tjpa, there is no action to report. director ford: with that, i think the business of the tjpa board of directors is closed, and the meeting is over. thank you.
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>> before we begin, please place cell phones in their off position. this signals interfere with the sound system. also, please refrain from flash photography. police now stand and join the commission in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america,
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and to the republic for which it stands, when nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. please direct your attention to the roll call of the commissioners. commission president joe marshall here. vice president mazzucco: here. commissioner kingsley: present. commissioner hammer: present. president marshall: this is a regular meeting of the san francisco police commission september 8, 2010. please call item one. >> item 1 is approval of the
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minutes. this would be for the regular meeting of august 18, 2010. president marshall: the minutes from that meeting are in your packet. if there are no additional changes come a motion for approval. without objection, so ordered. >> i and two -- approval of consent calendar, under which we have department bulletin no. 10- 212, general ordered 6.09 -- can't is getting weapons at the scene of a domestic violence incident -- confiscating weapons at the scene of a domestic violence incident. president marshall: do we have a point person on this? >> i would move the we approved
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it. >> seconded. >> on that note, i am not sure it claimed -- it came with your materials, but there was a review submitted of the department bulletin. commissioner kingsley: it looks like this is a little bit more than a bulletin. it amends 6.09. it is very minor, but it looks like it amends the dgo. it amends it to reflect the requirement of officers regarding confiscating weapons at a domestic violence incident. commissioner hammer: i would move to approve it. president marshall: item three, please. >> public comment. members of the public may
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address the commission on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission but that do not otherwise appear on the agenda. we should remind the speakers that they are to address their remarks to the entire commission and not address any particular individuals under our rules. president marshall: this is general public comment. anyone for general public comment? >> good evening, commissioners and chief and staff, and the people who live behind us that keep us from anarchy. my name is doug mallar, private investigator of crimes against children. i have done it for 18 years. i a participated in investigations in 16 states and six trips to washington dc i have dozens of national references who lend their names and phone numbers, saying check
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me out. no one has ever asked -- has never had their name taken off my list. >> as you know, some of you were here when i came to years ago, and again last year. now we are tired of coming here and asking the police chief and you people to help us protect children when we have witnesses who have seen a lieutenant colonel living in san francisco at leavenworth st. skin babies alive, as well as torture 800 victims in eight states. i am giving you what i have given to d a harris today, what
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i have given to the u.s. attorney in san francisco today, and which i just returned from washington, d.c. last week, where we notified eric colder -- holder, care of michelle obama, what you're law enforcement here are covering up -- the torture and murders of children in your city. we have many witnesses. deputy chief of investigations shinn assigned an investigator outside the department of investigation because he could not get them to contact us after he said he was going to assign detectives to get some justice for these children. he was born and raised in this city. now he has been demoted to being in charge of airport security when he was in charge of city
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security at one time. i am not sure what happened there, but the bottom line is i am holding you personally responsible for what is going on here. you have inherited this mess. it is your job to assign somebody. i am demanding that you assign somebody to us. we are going to grand juries, county state and federal, before the first of october. here is our evidence for you. president marshall: next speaker, please. >> dear honorable police chief and commissioners, i was before you two weeks ago on august 18
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to talk about my gangs stalking experiences and punctures on my body and electrum and a -- electromagnetic radiation. each of you has a 2.5 page letter from me. i can continue from where i left off, but what i would like to do is, before i do that, i am not going to read it because it is hurtful to me when i read what has happened to me. i need you to take a look at these photographs. this was done by somebody putting their hand on my shoulder when i was at a concert outside july 10 of this year. it is like a burn, only it feels like somebody socked you hard. it was done by somebody's hand
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through this leather jacket. it looks like it is a form of heat. this is just one thing. on june 28, i was coming home from my nephew's concert in portland, oregon. i was on a united airlines flight. and a stewardess attacked me twice coming home on the plane. it is hard to see, but there are too little functions -- punctures in there. that was on my right arm. that was done when she came on me like this, under my right breast area. this is the one d.c. here. it looks almost like a burn to me. it affects deep inside. it is like somebody socked me. i do not go any day, four years now, without being punctured on my body. the most recent was yesterday,
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6:15 p.m., coming out of the 24- hour fitness gym on market between church and castro. three fellows walked in, early 20s. the third one came really close to me. they can do it through their pocket. they have some sort of device. my upper thigh, which i do not have a photograph of yet, has a puncture on its similar to what you have seen here. this is another one. could you please? thank you. it is difficult to see. it is like a burn whole. this picture was done at the police station on bryant. i went in, as i have done so many times, to report these pointers on my body. they did a photograph there. that is an official police photograph. there is one on my arm. this happens every day. thank you very much. i want you to help make the
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stocking stop and attacks on my body stop. -- the talkistalking stop and attacks on my body stop. president marshall: any further public comment? seeing none, thank you. we will move to item four, please. >> reports to the commission, under which 4a is the chief's report, b is the occ director's report, and c is the commission reports. president marshall: good evening, chief. >> our status for this week is we are down 9% year to date.
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we rocked a little around in the last week. total numbers are 28,901 violent crimes for 2009 against 26,271 property crimes down 10%. violent crime down 4%. in the last four-week cycle, as a rolling cycle, we are down 14% on total violent crime. that was primarily due to a very good week last week. last week, we had one of the lowest numbers of total violent crime for a seven-day period. it was very good. property crime is down 6%. that is a total of 14% down on violent crime and 6% down on property crime. the total is 7%.
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we are down to 9.3%. it looks like we are coming back up. other than that, [unintelligible] president marshall: any questions for the chief? thank you. good evening. >> good evening, members of the commission. i will reserve my comments for commissioner chan's report on today's press conference. other than that, i have nothing to report. president marshall: then we will move straight to commission reports. commissioner chan, since you just got introduced, why don't you get to this? >> this morning, we had a press conference for community-based
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organizations. the occ was an important part of that press conference. the chief honored us with his presence, along with the youth commission and sunset youth service. we issued a brochure. the brochures are in different languages. it is released by the commission. the commission in 2008 passed a general order in support of this. for the last couple of years, community-based organizations have met with the department to implement policy. one of the key pieces is making sure that community members understand what the policy is about. it boils down these have the documents into a two-page document that is translated to be available at district stations, on mthe sfpd website. it was a good turnout.
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it was at the clark referral center. that was also a great opportunity for the media and community to learn more about clark, which has been around for 10 years but moved to a new facility. i want to make sure i think sandra at the occ. she was very important. president marshall: would you mind sharing a little bit? thank you very much. any comments? >> i have to find the right microphone. members of the commission, it was my pleasure to participate in the press conference this morning. that was so ably organized by commissioner chan. i want to think this opportunity to thank, although she is no longer in the room, the policy analyst from the occ, who worked
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six years on this issue. this was an important item for you, the juvenile justice protocols, and juvenile stealing with police officers. -- juveniles dealing with police officers. this general order arose from negative contacts between police officers and juveniles. we received a complaint in the office of citizen complaints. as a result of collaboration between the police department, groups such as the asian law caucus, other members of the city and county family, the fruition is that we now have, as commissioner chan said,
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brochures in five languages. we have multi-lingual staff at the occ who were involved in the translation of the "know your rights" brochures. we had investigators to review that the russian, spanish, tagali, and chinese versions of the brochure. it is a very exciting day that all of the moving parts came together. we are just thrilled that after the department general order having been in effect for two years we are now seeing the hard launch of it. our work is not quite finished yet, because the occ as well as the community groups and the police department will be working on the next phase, which is the training. so thank you.
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president marshall: what languages are these index >> i think it is the common languages we use in san francisco. i do not speak all of them. vietnamese, chinese, russian, spanish, tagalic, and english. i thought it was me that we had two different youth groups review the language to make sure that you understand it. that is the key. there is no point handing them a brochure if they do not understand it. we made sure to boil down the key points so the commission can get two different community members who speak different languages. president marshall: thank you very much to you both. [laughter] >> this looks like a wonderful collaborative apart from a
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number of community organizations and groups. the question in terms of what is going to happen with the brochures -- how they are going to be distributed and used in the community. is that by the police department or the various community groups and schools? what is the next step in terms of the use of the brochure's text >> the brochurs? >> there will be distributed by the office of citizen complaints just like we distribute brochures about our mediation program. they are also going to be available in the police department district stations. i am sure that commissioner chan can talk about how the various community groups involving juvenile issues will also distribute them. commissioner chan: it is also on the sfpd website and will be
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available to all the community- based organizations. there is a long list of organizations to have been involved. hopefully, they can link to it also on their website. i will put it up on the asian law caucus website so everyone has it. the groups did come up with a quick reference guide for officers. several department bulletin's have come out. the next big step is training. >> would offer is give them one of these? would they have them in the police cars? i do not know. >> that is a good idea. i do not think we thought about it earlier, but i think we will make that happen. >> the other thing i failed to mention is that these brochures were also posted yesterday on the office of citizen complaints website. president marshall: thank you.
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did i see you with a hand up there? >> somebody else answered it, thank you. a couple remarks. we have scheduled october 2 for our retreat. we have commissioner commissioner kingsley and commissioner chan putting a draft together of agenda items for that day. i have seen the opening salvo. i am waiting for the return. they are putting stuff together. we will have a chance to review as we get closer to the day. i am sure they are taking input from everybody who wants to give input. commissioner kingsley: it is not at a stage for circulating it, but when we have something
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that is at that stage we will be bringing it to the full commission. in the meantime, we would welcome any comments that any of the other commissioners or the chief, or the director of occ has. colorado commissioner -- call commissioner chan or me. that will be circulated. president marshall: that is on the calendar for october 2. we have september 29 set aside for the joint meeting with the entertainment commission. commissioner mazzucco and dejesus are working on it together to produce an agenda for that meeting.
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again, all commissioners are welcome to chime in. thank you. that concludes my remarks. that means it will take, it commissioners do not have anything else -- will take public comment on items two through four. any public comment on that? thank you. lieutenant, please call item five. >> item 5 is a discussion and possible action regarding protocols for procedures for disclosure of materials from law enforcement personnel records in compliance with brady and evidence codes 1043. president marshall: i believe we have a presentation from the department on the procedures issued in the bureau order. you have the floor, the mike, and everything else.
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>> members of the commission and the audience, and commander daniel mahoney from the office of the chief of staff. i will be presenting the chief of staff bureau order at the request of the commission. this sets a protocol for personnel to identify and report information to the district attorney's office about department personnel, both sworn and civilian, who have material in their personnel files which may be exculpatory to a defendant. there is a mandate to provide exculpatory information related to law enforcement officers that stems from a supreme court decision. california at has place limits on access to police officer records. they are confidential and can only be obtained through a special process. we received a directive from
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the chief of police for the need for a written protocol. reconvened the stakeholders, which consisted of members of the city attorney's office, members of the district attorney's office, members of police legal, and command staff members, showing the importance of this. we undertook an exhaustive review, as this is a complicated balance between the legal requirement of brady versus protection of personal records. because this could be a change in working conditions, a meat and confirm process was undertaken. we met with the officers' association no less than five times. they took it very seriously, i can tell you. they brought executive board members. they brought their in-house counsel to every meeting. they also brought an expert attorney from los angeles to deal with this.
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because this practical touches all members of our department, we also met with the other labor organizations, sciu 1021 and others. we drafted the protocol in four- month period. it was focused and intensive. ultimately, we received agreement on this particular version. the overview. department attorneys did past, criminal, and administrative actions of employees. the review present cases that are brought forward from the internal affairs division and criminal unit. they prepare saris for review by the bra -- they prepare summaries for review by the brady commission. that includes directors


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